Does Time Affect Your Winning Chance at Online Casinos?

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Online casinos are laxer in term of gaming time compared to inland casinos. But still, does time affect your winning chance at online casinos? What aspects made time important while betting?  How lax is the time management in online casinos anyway?

Does Time Affect Your Winning Chance at Online Casinos?

If we are going to compare between E-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s Trusted and Leading Online Slot Betting Website and offline casinos, then online casinos will win in term of the time of gaming. The platform is very flexible, after all; bettors can log in wherever they want in the course of 24 hours a week. Not to mention, they can pull out from the game anytime they wished as well! So, bettors can only play one game and log off from the platform.

Looking at it, the gaming hours offered by online casinos seem to be benefiting bettors on the most part. What’s left is choosing what time and how long bettor will play the games, which may bring profit or doom depending on the choice made.

Does Time Affect Your Winning Chance at Online Casinos?

Does Time Affect Your Winning Chance at Online Casinos?

Time Has an Effect

So, does time has any effect on bettor’s winning chances? To answer simply, yes it does. However, the problem is not solved just by answering ‘yes’. There are several factors that affect winning chances concerning time, which are:

  • Rush Hours

Every betting game online is accumulative; they gather money from all bettors to pile up and reach the jackpot. That means, more player playing the game, faster the jackpot due. This is especially true to games with long jackpot queue like slot. So, if you want to win better, play when the site is bursting!

  • Scheduled Gaming Vs Binge Betting

Each player has their own preference on their playing schedule. However, betting for six hours nonstop may not profit as much as playing for one or two games at a time. Why? That’s because our brain needs breaks to concentrate properly. If you want to meet your ‘gaming time quota’, it’s much better to play shortly by as often as possible.

  • International vs Local Site Working Hours

Betting sites are open 24/7, right? Then why do its working hours matter? Well, depending on the territory of the site, it may have different rush hours compared to other sites. So, research about it first if you want to get the best winning chances!

How to Turn Gambling Time to Our Favour?

Do you want to have winning chances as high as possible? Then get to know the rush hours of the site and game you are playing first. After that, just play on the rush hours a few rounds at a time. That should do the trick to increase your wins.

So, does time affect your winning chance at online casinos? The answer is yes. While bettors can start and stop playing as they wish, the period used for gaming and the hours’ bettors start playing may affect jackpots and services. So, never forget to schedule your gaming time on the ‘lucky’ hours.