Guide to Golf Betting and Picks

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The Professional Golfers Association is not the same with other professional sports that are very popular today. It is different because it is particularly an individual sport instead of a team effort. Similar to the MMA or professional tennis, golf betting also means betting on the individual performance of professional athletes. Outside team events such as the Ryder Cup, golf bettors lay bets on athletes who perform against each other. Professional tournaments in golf happen weekly from early spring until the end of fall. The expanded coverage on television has provided public viewing of popular and fewer golf tournaments and leagues over the decades. To know more about this subject, here is a simple guide to golf betting and picks you shouldn’t ignore:

Guide to Golf Betting and Picks

Pros and Cons of Golf Betting

Golf tournaments usually last for 4 days or more (if a playoff is extended) so there are a lot of ups and downs on single or sets of bets. The lead changes, as well as the final-day heroics, have a constant presence, which makes placing golf bets more chaotic. The volatility of golf is very exciting for some punters who are seeing the equality of best golfers around the world as a hurdle that needs to be conquered instead of a weakness that has to be endured.

The clear advantage of professional golf bettors to other sports is that the best golf players around the world are competing against each other in a head-to-head manner on a regular basis throughout a season. Not all professional golfers participate in tournaments but they do on the Major tourneys of the sport so that they can see the competition of the best athletes of the sport many times over the entire season. This can relatively open up handicap opportunities for some bettors who are interested in crunching numbers as well as comparing the one-on-one performance of players.

Guide to Golf Betting and Picks

Guide to Golf Betting and Picks

What are the Types of Golf Bets?

Since golf is played individually, betting on tournament outcomes is very different from that of Major League Baseball or the NHL betting. Below is a breakdown of the popular types of bets on professional golf tournaments you can find at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia.

Odds Betting (Bettors bet on individual golfers to win a tournament)

In the odds betting, the best performers of a tournament are assigned with different odds by the bookmakers so they may win outright. It is easy to read the odds. Players will be listed by name with the payout for the successful bettor. E.g. Sergio Garcia +250, Rory McIlroy +150, and so on.

Head-to-Head Betting (Bet is on which of the 2 athletes will be performing better in the tourney)

Rather than betting on the outright winner, bettors lay bets on different head-to-head tournaments that are defined by different sports books. Here, choosing which of the 2 golfers is going to finish on a higher rank than the other is an easier proposition instead of selecting an overall winner. This is usually a money line bet.

Top 3 Finish Betting (Bet on the athlete who will finish the tourney in a top 3 position)

Since bettors have to pick a player who they believe will finish the tournament in the top 3, this bet is easier compared to overall winnings. Odds of winning are high and the payout is quite lower.

Parlay Betting (Combination of many bets)

Golf parlays are also a combination of multiple bets in a single bet. Parlay options may vary from a book to another. Bettors can bet on the positions of different golfers in the top 10 finish, combo parlay of head-to-head competitions and other combinations. The more bets combined in parlay betting, the more the payout increases because of longer odds.

Proposition Bets (Bets on single propositions among tournament entrants)

PGA proposition bets are similar like the prop bets in other popular sports wherein bettors will bet on the individual performance or events in a tournament. Proposition bets in golf are ranging from the generic field prop bets to bets on the performance of athletes. This bet is very exciting to watch on play out but is also risky because of the odds.

Through this golf betting guide, you’ll be more acquainted the way it works around. If you want to succeed in betting, then you still need to do more research.