Learn from the Biggest Win in Mixed Parlay Betting

Posted on / Willie Hill

Mixed parlay is a tantalizing betting game in online betting sites like QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. Why? It is because the bettors can bet for more than one team in a bet. They just need a small amount of money to get a big hit. The more teams you bet on, the more money you can get. Is this true or just an imagination? Let’s learn from the Biggest Win in Mixed Parlay Betting from it.

Learn from the Biggest Win in Mixed Parlay Betting

  • Taylia Polia won $100,000

This is a famous success story in parlay bet. Taylia Polia won $100,000 on a $5 bet. Wow! Yes, only with small amount of money (and a bunch of luck, of course) she won such a big amount. The funny thing is she didn’t believe it at first, because she bet on the lost time.

Polia called the bet site and asked for this question. The site answered and explained the point spread concept to her. She bet for the Giants to win five points from the Panthers. In fact, they only got three points, but she still won that game since the points are in the spread range.

She bet on 15 teams parlay bet and this is amazing. She got that kind of luck which rarely happens to many people. She did not use any kind of particular strategies, just bet on her $5 dollars and won that big amount of money.

  • Things You Must Learn

The story above is an amazing and incredible story about parlays bet. Bettors can learn something from Polia. What is that? It is spread point concept on parlay betting, of course. This is an important concept of parlay betting.

The most important thing from this concept is how many points a team can compile or lost. The term bettors used for this concept is against the spread. A team still can win bettors the bet if it still covers the spread. Let’s jump to the example.

For example, team A is the favorite one and it will have minus (-) symbol. Meanwhile, B team is the underdog with plus (+) symbol. Then, the spread point is 4.5, so bettors will win if team A can score on five or more points. Then if team A wins 26-20 over team B, team A wins against the spread. But, if team A wins 26-22 over team B, team A loses against the spread.

Here is the explanation. Team A needs to get five or more points to win against the spread. So, if team A wins 26-20, they get the six points and those points cover the spread. If it is in the second case, team A also wins but with 26-22. They will lose against the spread, since they only get 4 points.

The story of the woman above surely is the biggest win in mixed parlay betting. Bettors may not have that kind of luck to win such a big amount of money, but still they can learn about the importance of knowing spread points system in parlay betting. So, next time bettors win something from parlay betting, they will not question anything.