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As a poker player, you should be able to know how to select the best table by the use of sophisticated poker software that allows you to analyze the best table you can fit depending on the level of your skill in the game. In the other terms, you should be able to not only know what table to select but also the position which will be the best for advanced performance on your part. Choose a table or tables whose players play with too many hands to advance the chances of winning. A table with weak players is always better than the one with hard players since you will be able to acquire the advantage of your skills




Position to increase your chances of winning

In both land based and online platform casinos, you have to know the best position and this is determined by various factors such as the type of players you are playing with such as loose or tight players and also the type of stacks the players have put on.  To find the best position, you need to always sit on the right of hardcore players who play tight games and to the left of loose or weaker players. The other important issue in selecting the position of play is sitting after the full stacked players and after the short stacked players.

Adjust the hand ranges

Depending on how the table is loose or tight, you should master the art of knowing how to adjust the hand ranges. This usually depends on the villains or opponents sizes of stacks. In this kind art, learnt to play a loose game in a late position where the percentage of hands is 20 to 50 percent of the total hands. A tight game ought to be played in an early position where the percentage of total, hands is below 15 per cent. You can play a less loose or rather less tight game where the total percentage of hands is at a medium level.

Be aware of your position than your hand. Master preflop and cold calling

Different tactics are used in 3betting and isolation and hand change different but your position remains the same and therefore you should be aware of the position you lie in a certain part of the game. Being aware of your position will definitely help in the stealing blinds and also isolation of limpers which will give you a great advantage over your opponents. Always take down the raised pot in the game by use of tighter raising ranges from the blinds. You can do this by preflop and cold calling.

Use your mind and instincts in 3bet range

In this type of bet, there is usually been two consecutive hand raise in a game. You need to know how to balance your 3bet range by using your instincts to understand how tight and loose players behave in a 3bet. Although it is not an advisable to 3bet due to its popularity and the fact that neither the too tight or too loose wide range tend to be good in it, you need to understand that the loose players always open with wide or big hand ranges.  Always take the initiative of in the hand and win the game.

Does good research in rake back deal

In this kind of research, you not only get to research on the size but also the bonuses which are usually offered in the poker rake back deal. With your good skill, you can multi-table, play in loose tables and place higher stakes to gain the best of profits in a rake-back deal.