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The main goal of blind play in a poker game is to focus on the big picture. Make sure that you play outside the blind always and identify the opportunities in the game that can be exploited. This helps in defending game plan by use of 3betting a hand and cat calling occasionally. You can do this beyond the mathematical ranges in exploiting the opportunities and hitting the flop. You exploit any errors when you post-flop two or three-barreling ranges in no limit poker and calling more pre-flop, not folding to the first bet and also saving free showdowns.




Learn the tells in betting sizes

Since players usually choose their own sizes of the bets they wish to bet, you should be able to logically learn the tells and the tons of information any bettor is trying to display. Some have multiple bets which are usually very exploitable though not a hundred per cent reliable. With different hands, each and every player try hard enough to accomplish different goals which can help you read their mind and win over them in a bet. Reversing of the obvious tells helps you understand the possible thoughts of your opponents in a game.

Use opponent’s aggression against them

Most aggressive players seem to win games because no one knows how to curb their aggression so as they can be able to read their tell and finally win a bet. These players tend to take risks aggressively and are rarely punished for them since the other loose players are in fear. Use of capped range to overcome aggressive layers is very critical. Do not use uncapped ranges against aggressive players in an online poker game. Another thing is the induction of a thin value betting pros range you are always likely to maximize your chances and the value of your hand if you check-raise thin bet in a big value.

Use the game theory optimal

This is a strategy used in online poker to develop and analyze games with optimal chances of winning. This sally involves the mathematical techniques whereby a player makes simplified assumptions of the game and getting the best solutions. Here you get the best strategy which is able to beat all other strategies used by your opponents both on land-based and online casinos. In other words, the GTO strategy is usually unbeatable though one does not acquire the maximum winning.

Exploitative strategy

This is a frequency based static strategy which is used in real online poker games. The frequency of your action taking makes the strategy not to be adjusted depending on how the players play the game hence you get more money in an exploitative strategy than the game theory optimal strategy. This, however, depends on the type of strategy that your opponent might be using. Once the lean away from a game optimal theory strategy, you can 100 per cent know that using a counter strategy will give you the best returns.

Adjust your style to the demands of the table

Mostly, the most valuable and desirable style in a poker game is the tight aggressive style. You should, however, learn to adjust the style of play depending on the number of hands. This kind of flexibility includes loosening up when in small stacks, tightening up when you play against the aggressive players, loosening up when on money bubble, providing chips and when playing with very tight players. You should also understand that calling is not an aggressive poker strategy and you should call enough if you are winning on calling. You should be able to calculate the number of outs which could improve your hand to winning hand.