Reasons Slots Are Better than Blackjack

Posted on / Willie Hill

Reasons Slots Are Better than Blackjack . One of the most popular games in the casino world is the Blackjack. Also known as ‘21′, the game consists of individual players and the dealer where the players only compete with the dealer and not other players. Due to the simplicity of the game, most of the gamblers go for Blackjack. Also, the other sector that is dominating the gambling world is the slot machines.

Working of a Slot Machine

These slot machines basically work on probability and are usually rigged in favour of the ‘house’. The Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website player gambles currency in the machine through a ‘slot’ and using the present technology the machine generates a random number by using a computer. This generated number, in turn, spins a set of wheels that give the output and accordingly the user wins that much money. In the earlier days, the slot machines had a lever that was supposed to be pulled in order to.

Reasons Slots Are Better than Blackjack

There are many schools of thought which state that Slot machines are better than Blackjack. The following points list out the differences between the two.

Strategies of Slot Machines and Blackjack

The slot machines are comparatively easy to understand and play. They don’t involve any massive scheming and decision-making. In a game of Blackjack, the gambler has to be aware of each and every hand he is dealt with and needs to focus on all the variables of the game. The gambler must carefully use the cards to reduce the house edge as much as possible.

Probability of a Win

In a slot machine, the prize money which can be won is much greater. Some machines have cumulative prize money which, sometimes even exceed millions. Although the probability of hitting a jackpot is very less, the chances are still there. Whereas in Blackjack, the maximum amount that can be won by a gambler is 1.5 times the original bet that is placed. If the player doubles the bet during a game, there is a slight chance of winning double the money. With all the probability taken into consideration, the slot machines yield much greater prize amounts than Blackjack.

Demand for Slot Machines over Blackjack Game

In a given casino, there are limited tables that are assigned for Blackjack. This, in turn, results in lesser number of seats available for the gamer and hence the players for Blackjack lose interest for the game. In the same casino, there are innumerable slot machines and few of them are always available. This reduces the waiting time for the players. The game of Blackjack usually brings in neighbors and doesn’t let any player gamble in solitude. There will be prying eyes when a person is playing Blackjack due to the simple reason that the availability of Blackjack tables is very less compared to the slot machines. In the latter games, the gamblers can have the required privacy and isolation.

Versatility of Slot Machines over Blackjack

There is a whole lot of variety to the slot machines than Blackjack. The rules hardly vary in a Blackjack game whereas in slot machines there are different types of games such as three reeled machines, five reeled machine, progressive jackpot games, video slots, 243 payline slots and much more. The slot machines come with a versatile nature and have different bonus games. The multipliers in each game of slot machine give the higher chance of winning to the player. These multipliers are often random numbers and are not necessarily progressive. The slot machines also have bonus games that attract more customers. The stakes which are needed to be raised in a slot machine are much less as compared to the game of Blackjack. The player can deal in a much lower quantity of money.


The above points state the differences between the two games. Although some players may be inclined more towards the game of Blackjack, it all depends on the individual perspective of each gambler.