Roulette strategy – Increase betting odds of winning in playing

Posted on / Albert Turner

With roulette’s increasing popularity in both actual and online casinos in Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website, more and more players dwell in this fun and exciting game making it very competitive and thrilling.

This game of chance and probabilities make it very hard for quite a number of players to build a more feasible strategy but this article will try to provide a more organized strategy in order for you to increase your winnings.

Roulette strategy – Increase betting odds of winning in playing

Roulette strategy - Increase betting odds of winning in playing

Roulette strategy – Increase betting odds of winning in playing

These are the tips you can follow that may help you concretize your strategy in this game:

  • Take advantage of the european version of roulette

Yes, there are different variations of online roulette and the version where you can be more strategic is the european version. In this version, there is only one zero wheel which gives it a very small house edge.

  • Choose online casinos with good reputation

Although this is very obvious, some players of The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia still fail to consider this which gives them a hard time in the long run. The reason is very simple – find a more secured casino where you will open your account and invest funds. This is also a good way to ensure that your payouts always updated.

  • Wait for bonus offers and take advantage of it

Even if the house or dealer is made to get more edge in the tables, you can still take advantage by availing bonuses. For example, you can receive welcome bonuses by signing up on casinos like Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site for the first time. Take advantage of this because you can essentially play for free. The bonuses are given free and you can use them in betting but the best part of this is you can win real money by using free bonuses.

  • There is not direct correlation on each and every spin

Some players believe that each spin affects the next spins thus, building a pattern. Actually, the wheel is made to produce unique outcomes just like the rng or random number generator from the slot machine games. Believing that there is a pattern here is a complete foolishness so avoid it.

  • Bet on two columns with the same amount and half of its amount on the reds

In this strategy, your main goal is to cover the majority of the numbers on the table as much as possible. When doing this, you are covering 24 of the 36 numbers and 8 red colors on the third column.

  • Bet on the extremes

This simply means that you must bet the same amount on the 1-8 and on the highs. This cuts down the selection of numbers giving you higher chances of hitting wherever the ball lands.

  • Do not be greedy. Be strategic

The best way to do this is to cash out when you are already winning. This ensures your wins are safe and won’t be lost again. This mindset allows you to maximize your winnings so you can play more games in the casino.


Although roulette may seem very plain and has no feasible strategy, analyzing it more and following these tips can give you more edge than the house. Following these tips may not assure you of a 100% win but it can greatly increase the odds of winning simple because of being safe in every move you do.