Top Celebrity Gamblers

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What could you say if you see celebrities in casino? Will it provide you positive or negative impact? How about on the part of the casino? Will they benefit once celebrities are present in their casinos? Or will it ruin both their reputations? Well, there might be numbers of questions as well as numbers of arguments associated once certain celebrities are seen in casinos. If you are not aware, there are wide numbers of popular celebrities that are into playing in numbers of casinos even before until now. And to give you some of these popular celebrities you might never think being in a casino, consider the following:

Top Celebrity Gamblers

Top Celebrity Gamblers

Top Celebrity Gamblers

Shannon Elizabeth

This woman was the sex symbol of the popular movie American Pie and could be seen on catwalk also. Playing poker is known to be her second job and so she confessed visiting Vegas casinos thrice every month. Based on certain experts about casino this woman is indeed a talented casino player.

Charles Barkley

This former NBA player is considered to be not successful with regards to poker table as he utilised being into a basketball field on the highest level of his carrier. He also admitted that he have lost over millions just with gambling.

Gladys Knight

This is known as Empress of Soul who never denied about her passion with regards to gambling. She honestly wrote regarding being addicted with sports betting and baccarat for a while in her autobiographical novel.

Tobey Maguire

He is Spider Man and he is so attracted with regards to playing making him sued for taking part within illegal gambling ring.

Matt Damon

Just the same with Toby, he couldn’t escape from the authorities as he participated in illegal gambling.

Michael Jordan

He is considered to be the most renowned NBA Player ever. The gambling habit of this man was considered to be so severe wherein it is rumoured that the retirement in 2003 was due to gambling.

Pamela Anderson

Gambling is considered to be the last thing that this celebrity is famous about. But her marriage with Rick Salomon has something to do with great amount of money as poker debt to the man.

Tiger Woods

This golfer is addicted not only with women but also with gambling. The said man was reportedly gambled away great amount of money in Las Vegas.

Ben Affleck

This one is popular about playing high stakes black jack and poker. In 2004, Ben won the California State Poker Championship as well as once that he has been seen walking away from blackjack table along with profit worth of $800,000.

Charlie Sheen

This one is indeed present everywhere. His ex-wife named Denise Richards stated that Charlie used to spend almost $20,000 every week just for sports gambling. This was because as well he made himself believe that he would win all the time.

Many would believe that once celebrities are seen in casinos, increasing numbers of their fans might as well engage with playing in casinos. There is a fact that the more famous celebrities could be seen winning or simply playing the more that the fans believe that luck might as well favour them therefore risking their money. But these fans forget about the fact that these celebrities wouldn’t care about losing their money. They are to gamble just for fun and might not worry about the lost money. They only want to have good time as well as experience how to play in casino, either online or land-based casinos. Once you prefer online casino, consider ONLINECASINOQQ288 since you will definitely be provided with wide options of online casino games and vast of information guiding you to conquer world of online gambling.