Winning Chance of Betting on Red or Black at Roulette Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Have you ever noticed that the numbers in roulette’s wheel are black and red? Many bettors suggest to bet in one of the color instead both or randomly choose the numbers. The most suggested is to place your bet in red but how is your winning chance of betting on red or black at roulette game?

Winning Chance of Betting on Red or Black at Roulette Game

  • What does red and black color means?

The color itself doesn’t mean anything. However, the option to be on the color works because they cover a big area of the board (at least half of the numbers). But of course, since the area covered is really big, the payout is small. Payout for betting red or black is 1:1 for American, European, and French Roulette. However, the house edge varies. For American Roulette, it’s 5.26%. European Roulette take it smaller by 2.7%. French Roulette, however, have the smallest house edge which is 1.35%.

  • How to do it

To be on either black or red, bettors put their chips on the square under the second dozen. Pick a color and invest the chip there. Since the payout is small, putting more chips on will bring more profit. You can check out the Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia for a live example of this bet.

  • Winning rate of betting on red or black

Statistically, both sides have 50:50 chance to happen. Some source may give out winning rate ranging from 47.4% to 48.6%, but those rates only works with zeros counted it. In American and European Roulettes, casinos give 50% refund when players get zeroes.

  • Does betting on black or red works?

Since the space covered is wide, the chance to win by betting on red or black totally works. It is an easy way to win. Even though the payout is small, with good luck and investment they can bring out better profit. There are rumors among bettors that roulette tend to hit red more. This rumor is logically false because roulette is a pure game of chances. However, betting consecutively or red the switching to black when losing may bring better luck.

  • Strategies to use

Most bettors didn’t use much strategy when betting solely on black or red. Instead, they use money management strategies like Martingale and Labouchere. However, if you’re interested to widen the space covered by the bets, there are several combinations that may help:

  • Two to one plus color bet

Adding a column to bet on covers more area. Now, not only you can bet on a single color, the other color can also be covered with this combination as well.

  • Dozen plus color bet

This combination also works like the one above. However, roulette tend to hit the middle or last dozen, so it’s advisable to pick either of them.

  • Color and zero bet

Even though zero is not included to calculate winning rate, it still is a possible result. So, try it next time you’re on a lucky strike. After you see your winning chance of betting on red or black at roulette game, is there any doubt in placing a bet on it? Of course not. You should try to place it because of the big hit that you will never disappoint of.